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Redefine how you approach your healthcare-focused projects using expert Strategy Execution, Large-Scale Project, and Far-Reaching Interventions.

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Our Capabilities

Scaling Project for Success

Strategy & Execution

Determine a clear path forward and develop the systems to get you there.

Execute your vision efficiently with Scale St. consultants.  We help with every aspect of the strategic planning process from strategy formation, market analysis, and decision analysis to risk management, dashboard development, and PMO creation.

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Program Implementation

Launch Successful Programs

Bring everything together and launch a successful program with a Scale St. consultant. Execute extensive plans  with confidence. Evaluate the program's success to make changes.

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Project Management

Accomplish strategic goals and manage operational issues within key departments.

Projects and initiatives are ultimately an investment. Our consultants help leaders manage projects successfully in order to have large scale impacts.

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Process Improvement

Improve processes through quality improvement and thoughtful observations.

Identify, analyze, and improve upon existing business processes within your organization. Optimize your process and improve your standards of quality.

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Data Analysis

Gather, analyze, and act on your key data insights.

Successfully access, analyze, and communicate your data resources. Our consultants have the expertise to comb through their data and find the actionable insights.

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Scale Your Impact

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The greatest benefit was to have guidance for getting to the goal in a timely manner. Scale Street was a great resource, including the templates and having it all easily accessible. It was a tremendous help to have a "schedule" laid out showing what needs to be completed and when.

HIM Director

Scale Street is a new approach in project management. Their software is user friendly, all-encompassing, and a one-stop-shop for timeline, supporting documentation, and task assignments.

Chief Information Officer

Scale Street resources were readily available for our projects' timelines and budgets. Their customized approach provided just the right resources at just the right time.

Oncology Director

I would highly recommend Scale Street for any large-scale project. As we undertook this large-project they kept us on track, focused and on time.

HIM Director

Scale Street used project management software helped me stay on task. The software was extremely user friendly. I would recommend Scale Street for any project needs you may have!

Hospital Operations Director

What Clients Are Saying

“The expert data resources were readily available for our projects' timelines and budgets. Scale St.'s customized approach provided just the right data expert at just the right time.”

Mark, Director
Mark, Director
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Consulting for Change

Scale St. is a niche consulting company that develops implementation systems for organizations to scale their impact.

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Tyler S. Wallace, PhD, is the founder of Scale St.

The Principal Consultant

Tyler S. Wallace, Ph.D.,  is a healthcare leader, strategist, and consultant who combines his extensive experience with robust academic training to deliver exceptional value to his clients. His diverse background includes leading and consulting in various healthcare environments, including government, startups, academic medical centers, healthcare delivery systems, and rural health environments.

Dr. Wallace has a  Ph.D. in Healthcare Management and Policy from the University of Texas School of Public Health,  an MBA from Kennesaw State University, and a bachelor’s degree in Health Administration from Indiana University (IUPUI). He currently resides in Athens, GA, with his wife and four children.

Tyler S. Wallace, PhD
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"Dr. Wallace was recruited by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to bring fresh perspectives, analytical review, and creative alternatives to support health system resilience in developing countries, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. His capacity to understand organizational and country challenges was the basis of this extraordinary ability to visualize, share and implement efficient and effective change."

Alma Golden, MD
Former Assistant Administrator Global Health, USAID
Consultants work to implement project for leading healthcare organization.

Affiliated Experts

Scale St. has a vast network of affiliated experts, including health system researchers, data scientists, project managers, strategists, and other leading professionals.

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Your Success is Our Success.

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